Arda Beyazoğlu

Software Engineer

Ljubljana / Slovenia

About Me

Hi, I’m a software engineer in Ljubljana. I started coding in 2003 using no longer available tools, then switched to php-mysql stack and I’ve been working in web applications since then. Because I worked on medium-to-large client facing projects in a small team, I took care of different roles throughout my career. Mostly working as core developer and team lead, I have experienced a long list of challenges, problems and their solutions, from system design and devops practices, to structuring databases and core backend development. One can use any knowledge at any point in his life, so I keep learning to improve my skills and stay up-to-date.


Self Employed

Software Engineer & Consultant

January 2015 - Present

Moving on as a remote coder

Currently, I work from home as a remote software engineer, consultant and sometimes freelancer.

Kiva Teknoloji Ltd.

Lead Software Developer

June 2008 - Present

Working on saas products and cloud business intelligence platform

I have been responsible for the core development of KivaCRM cloud crm software and Kiva.Cloud as well as leading a team of few people.

I have been developing the client facing apps in the beginning with extjs, php and mysql. I developed various services including real-time notification system, automated workflow system, email/sms marketing services, task/event/project management apps, reports&analytics platform and so on.

I also developed some hybrid mobile apps using cordova, sencha and framework7.


Freelance Web Developer

June 2005 - June 2008

Stepping into the world of coding as a young student

This was the time I started using my fresh coding skills in real-world scenarios. I did typical freelance projects such as building company websites, ad portals, adding small features or fixing bugs in legacy projects. During this period, I created my first open source project, -an ajax library for php- phplivex when concepts like ajax just became popular. I stopped developing it a few years later with the adoption of jquery and similar libraries.


Istanbul Technical University

BSc Control Engineering

2008 - 2013

Established in 1773, ITU ( is one of the oldest universities in Turkey, and is mostly known for its engineering studies.

During my study, I learned control theory and its applications in real world problems. I wrote PLC programs in ladder and procedural languages to control electromechanical systems. Although it is not directly connected to my occupation, I’ve learned theories and practical skills that helped my programming career. I believe that embracing engineering discipline and control theory made my coding skills and algorithms much better.